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“Notes from a July 22 2020 COVID-19 Webinar”

Pastor Barry Klein, Staples Church of Christ



I’m with you. That is about the most unusual devotion title for our Staples World that I have ever come across. But, please hear me out for my reasoning. In our COVID-19 world, we have had new or additional uses of our Informational Technology world to help navigate communication through our trying times. I just now want to share what I hope are some helpful highlights from this webinar directed to church leaders. So, please know that the rest of these thoughts are from a panel of three people (two counselors and one professor).

“[In a COVID-19 world], no one-sized approach fits varying situations and personalities. Isolation accompanied by limited and cut off resources is increasing stress and depression. Normal life is being ripped away. Some are even wondering: ‘Has God left us in this pandemic experience?’

We know that grief constraints upon people are very real as loved ones have died. Grief in isolation is not meant to be handled that way when we used to have greater family and community support before COVID-19. Support systems have been compromised. In this atmosphere, our nursing home residents and hospital patients, already with unique isolation challenges, have increased loneliness in the past four months. Phone calls to people are all the more important. We need to be proactively caring in our communication and interaction with each other.

As we have added to COVID-19, hatred and violence, God’s love is needed more than ever. Let’s be committed to concentrated listening to one another. We need to communicate to people that we are a safe listener for them.

In Jesus’ three-one-half year ministry, he lived in a very contentious religious and political atmosphere. Yet, He did not “side” with any group Undaunted, Jesus brought the Kingdom of God in His walk with His Father. Jesus brought transformation to 11 very different apostles.

We need to foster an atmosphere of “togetherness” in going through these times, asking how we can “hold together,” TOGETHER.

As with Jesus, we need to “show” our message as much as we “tell” it.

Leaders and caretakers need to consciously know their own journey.

Introspective and retrospective prayer is essential. Live the Serenity Prayer! Let’s live Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me strength.’”


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