2013-06-20 / News

Browerville man ‘thankful to be alive’ after crash

By Dawn Timbs
Staples World reporter

Ted Munger of Browerville said he is thankful to be alive after the truck he was driving was rearended by another truck June 12, about two miles east of Staples on Hwy 10.

“ The state trooper (Joseph Chan) said it was a miracle that neither I or the other driver were killed,” Munger said a few days after the accident.

“It all happened so fast,” Munger went on. “All of a sudden my truck had landed on its side in the middle of the highway and then the guy hit me again. I saw the undercarriage of his pickup go right over me.”

Munger said he was west-bound, driving a truck owned by Ed Vogel of Staples, whom he was working for. Attached to the truck was a flatbed trailer full of wood and tools. Vogel was about six feet ahead of him driving a back-hoe. “We were going about 15 mph and I had my flashers on,” Munger said.

The other driver was Jordan Danielson of Elk River.

“He said he was dozing off and the next thing he knew, there was my truck,” Munger said of Danielson.

After crashing into Munger’s vehicle, Danielson lost control of his truck and ended up on the other side of the ditch near the eastbound lane of the highway. The trailer he had been pulling came off upon impact.

Munger said he was in shock; but remembers that Danielson and Vogel came to his aid, helping him get out of the truck. “I had to crawl out of the passenger side window,” Munger shared. “The engine was still running and Jordan was telling me I had to get out, he could smell gas and was afraid the truck might blow up.”

After Munger was safely out of the truck, he remembers Danielson saying, “Thank you, Jesus,” over and over. “He runs a Christian business called ‘True

Calling,’” Munger added.

Both Munger and Danielson were transported to

Lakewood Health System

Hospital in Staples where they were treated for minor injuries and released a few hours later.

“I really can’t believe that I made it home safe and sound,” Munger said of the ordeal. “All I can say is, ‘Praise the Lord.’”

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