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Free concert is the point, Wayne Renn says

By Mark Anderson
News Editor

Wayne Renn Wayne Renn Wayne Renn said the economic downturn of the last three years has hit entertainers especially hard. “ The economy is kicking everybody,” he said.

At the same time, he wanted to share his music with the people of Staples.

So his solution? Hold a free concert.

“I couldn’t stand to see a kid outside the fence watching the concert from there because he can’t afford to get in,” said Renn.

The free concert started last year at Lincoln Model School Park, where Renn has his recording studio. He enjoyed it so much, he decided to do it again this year with just one change: he requested the outhouse be moved away from the front of the stage.

The concert costs him money, but the good will generated by the concert renews his love of music and the Staples community.

This year Renn met country singer Erin Goltz while filming a television show in Sandstone, and told her about the free concert in his hometown. “She said ‘I’ve got to be a part of that show,’” said Renn.

Erin Goltz Erin Goltz Also performing at the show will be Renn’s daughter Lyla, local artist Katie Ziegler and, if she feels up to it, Renn’s mother Minnie.

Lyla Renn has a new CD recorded at the studio and will perform some of her songs.

Renn said he asked Ziegler to perform because “she’s such a talent, she’s really a great rhythm guitar player.”

Just in its second year, the concert is beginning to be a gathering spot for area artists. Renn said some of the people who performed last year might come with the CDs they have made over the past year.

People attending the concert might also get a taste of one of Renn’s new projects, Peoplemania, played over the sound system between sets. This psychedelic musical odyssey started when Renn asked some friends to send him their worst poems. He then reworked the words and set them to Beatles-style music. “We ended up making some really cool songs,” said Renn.

Lyla Renn Lyla Renn Peoplemania can be found on facebook, and is growing. “It’s taken on a life of its own,” said Renn, “it’s become unstoppable.”

Renn is asking anyone coming to the poetry slam to bring their worst poem for Peoplemania. “We like poems about what you did today,” he said, “words that create pictures in your mind.”

Wayne Renn concert

• Sunday, Aug. 28, Lincoln Model School Park, 4-7 p.m. • Wayne Renn Band • Erin Goltz • Lyla Renn, Minnie Renn, Katie Ziegler

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